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Centrale Bank van Swaziland (CBS)

he Central Bank of Swaziland is the central bank of Swaziland. It was established in 1974 and is based in Mbabane. The bank's mission is to promote monetary stability and...

3,75%  Swaziland
Centrale Bank van Syrië (CBOS)

The Central Bank of Syria was established by Legislative Decree No. ( 87 ) dated 28/3/1953 which included the Basic Monetary System of Syria . The Bank started its...

0%  Syrië
Nationale Bank van Tajikistan (NBT)

The National Bank of Tajikistan is central issuance reserve bank of the Republic of Tajikistan and it is ownership of the Republic of Tajikistan. The National Bank of...

13,0%  Tadzjikistan
Centrale Bank van de Republiek van China (Taiwan)

According to the Central Bank of China Act, the Bank's operational objectives include promoting financial stability, ensuring sound banking operations, maintaining the...

1,875%  Taiwan
Bank van Tanzania (BOT)

The Bank of Tanzania is the central bank of the United Republic of Tanzania. It is responsible for issuing the national currency, the Tanzanian shilling. It was...

7,58%  Tanzania
Bank van Thailand (BOT)

The Bank of Thailand was first set up as the Thai National Banking Bureau. The Bank of Thailand Act was promulgated on 28 April 1942 vesting upon the Bank of Thailand the...

1,50%  Thailand
Nationale Reserve Bank van Tonga (NRBT)

The National Reserve Bank of Tonga is the central bank of Tonga. The Reserve Bank is responsible for regulating the issue and supply of domestic and international...

0%  Tonga
Centrale Bank van Trinidad en Tobago

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago was established by an Act of Parliament on December 12, 1964. Since that time the Central Bank has been instrumental in the...

3,5%  Trinidad en Tobago
Tsjechische Nationale Bank (CNB)

The Czech National Bank is the central bank of the Czech Republic and the supervisor of the Czech financial market. In accordance with its primary objective, the CNB sets...

7,00%  Tsjechië
Centrale Bank van Tunesië

The Central Bank of Tunisia's general assignment is to preserve price stability. In this respect the bank is notably in charge of : * Watching over the monetary policy...

6,75%  Tunesië
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