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 NaamSymboolLaatst+/- %Totale activaTijd
 1895 Wereld Aandelen Enhanced Index Fonds Class D0P0001.126,721-1,27%5,64B13/01 
 1895 Wereld Multifactor Aandelen Fonds D0P0001.153,530-1,17%5,29B13/01 
 Werknemers Pensioen Mixfonds0P0001.96,805-0,79%4,49B13/01 
 NN Duurzaam Aandelen Fonds - P0P0000.63,980+0,28%4,04B13:00:00 
 Robeco Sustainable Global Stars Equities Fund EUR 0P0000.70,730-0,11%3,62B14/01 
 Northern Trust World Custom ESG Equity Index UCITS0P0001.20,526-0,09%5,35B14/01 
 Northern Trust Emerging Markets Custom ESG Equity 0P0001.15,940+0,19%4,6B14/01 
 1895 FONDS FGR - 1895 Wereld Bedrijfsobligaties Fo0P0001.97,679+0,11%1,98B13/01 
 Robeco Customized Quant Emerging Market0P0001.183,420+0,01%1,85B17/01 
 ASN Duurzaam Aandelenfonds Inc0P0000.157,510+0,70%1,78B13:00:00 
 ACTIAM Responsible Index Fund Equity - North Ameri0P0001.96,850+0,35%1,73B13:00:00 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Euroland V Distribution0P0000.217,640+0,59%1,64B17/01 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Euroland W Capitalisation0P0000.297,190+0,59%1,64B17/01 
 Delta Lloyd Mix Fonds0P0000.14,870+0,07%1,33B13:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Equity Sustainable Global Fund0P0000.3.624,010+0,33%1,26B17/01 
 NN Euro Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.34,890-0,14%1,18B13:00:00 
 BNP Paribas Obam N.V. Classic Inc0P0000.124,070+0,48%1,21B13:00:00 
 ASN Milieu & Waterfonds Inc0P0000.52,850+0,04%1,14B13:00:00 
 Northern Trust Developed Real Estate Index UCITS F0P0001.11,533-0,65%1,37B14/01 
 Northern Trust Europe Custom ESG Equity Index UCIT0P0001.14,036-0,99%1,23B14/01 
 Delta Lloyd Rente Fonds B Acc0P0001.15,680-0,19%930,42M17/01 
 Delta Lloyd Rente Fonds A0P0000.14,650-0,20%930,42M13:00:00 
 ACTIAM Responsible Index Fund Equity - Europe0P0001.26,990+0,90%866,06M13:00:00 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds Neutraal0P0001.63,280+0,21%749,57M13:00:00 
 NN Hoog Dividend Aandelen Fonds - P0P0000.41,120+0,19%739,44M13:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Investment Fund0P0000.18,290+0,27%630,78M13:00:00 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Europe Small Caps V Distrib0P0000.258,150+0,55%668,17M17/01 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Europe Small Caps W Capital0P0000.345,980+0,55%668,17M17/01 
 Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities F0P0000.61,480-0,31%70,67M17/01 
 ACTIAM Responsible Index Fund Equity - North Ameri0P0001.393.189+0,32%673,21M17/01 
 NN Global Fund - P0P0000.120,910+0,39%717,94M13:00:00 
 ASN Duurzaam Obligatiefonds0P0000.27,330-0,11%607,15M13:00:00 
 ACTIAM Duurzaam Idx. Aand. Pacific EUR0P0001.32,330-0,40%345,95M13:00:00 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur V Distribution0P0000.53,270-0,28%563,47M14/01 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur W Capitalisation0P0000.89,920-0,27%563,47M14/01 
 DPAM INVEST B Real Estate Europe V Distribution0P0000.397,910-0,18%537,6M17/01 
 DPAM INVEST B Real Estate Europe W Capitalisation0P0000.591,870-0,18%537,6M17/01 
 ACTIAM Duurzaam Index Aandelenfonds Wereld0P0001.46,520+0,41%625,9M13:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign Bond Fund0P0000.1.563,570-0,14%476,04M17/01 
 Robeco ONE Neutraal0P0000.172,940-0,21%581,76M14/01 
 Werknemers Pensioen Mixfonds Defensief0P0001.91,423-0,70%459,39M13/01 
 NN Global Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.16,050-0,06%432,28M13:00:00 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds Zeer Offensief0P0001.79,550+0,49%362,78M13:00:00 
 NN Global Real Estate Fund - P0P0000.98,890+0,38%489,9M13:00:00 
 NN Dynamic Mix Fund IV - P0P0000.44,380+0,05%333,11M13:00:00 
 AEAM European Credit Fund Inc0P0000.7,084-0,25%253,18M14/01 
 SKAGEN Tellus A0P0000.11,747-0,16%311,62M17/01 
 Robeco ONE Offensief0P0000.202,420-0,45%464,64M14/01 
 SKAGEN Tellus B0P0001.10,557+0,11%321,65M17/01 
 ACTIAM Responsible Index Fund Equity - Europe - A0P0001.53,993+0,67%311,82M17/01 
 Meesman Indexfonds Aandelen Wereldwijd0P0000.178,899-1,04%289,01M14/01 
 NN Dynamic Mix Fund III - P0P0000.40,660-0,15%269,33M13:00:00 
 Robeco Institutional Core Euro Government Bonds0P0001.121,610-0,30%254,66M17/01 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds Offensief0P0001.72,390+0,36%259,51M13:00:00 
 AEAM Global High Yield Fund EUR Inc0P0000.13,700+0,96%252,91M13:00:00 
 Northern Trust World Small Cap ESG Low Carbon Inde0P0001.14,492-0,43%629,82M14/01 
 DD Equity Fund A EUR0P0000.266,090+0,09%226,84M13:00:00 
 Quest Cleantech Fund B Acc0P0000.404,390-1,57%226,86M14/01 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign XLT Bond Fund A0P0000.38,740-0,92%226,05M17/01 
 Meesman Indexfonds Aandelen Wereldwijd Totaal0P0001.70,335-0,79%230,82M14/01 
 ASN Duurzaam Small & Midcap Fonds0P0000.58,870+0,44%213,65M13:00:00 
 NN Europe Fund - P0P0000.38,010+0,72%211,91M13:00:00 
 Robeco Global Conservative Equities Fund G EUR0P0001.132,580+0,16%212,77M14/01 
 Robeco ONE Defensief0P0000.148,450-0,15%195,76M14/01 
 ACTIAM Responsible Index Fund Equity - Pacific0P0001.135.707+0,05%189,88M17/01 
 Kempen Orange Fund N.V.0P0000.141,420+1,33%186,61M13:00:00 
 Kempen European Property Fund N.V.0P0000.20,380-0,54%163,12M13:00:00 
 NN First Class Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.21,410-0,09%164,44M13:00:00 
 NN Dynamic Mix Fund II - P0P0000.36,940-0,05%156,84M13:00:00 
 NN Europe Small Caps Fund - P0P0000.145,260+0,39%149,64M13:00:00 
 NN Dynamic Mix Fund V - P0P0000.46,440-0,02%141,3M13:00:00 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Agrivalue V Distribution0P0000.179,410-0,39%129,49M14/01 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Agrivalue W Capitalisation0P0000.210,490-0,39%129,49M14/01 
 AEAM Core Eurozone Government Bond Fund0P0000.15,684-0,32%56,35M14/01 
 Optimix Wereld Aandelen Fonds0P0000.51,870+0,60%122,99M13:00:00 
 Kempen Profielfonds 5LP6505.48,820-0,39%109,95M13:00:00 
 Optimix Mix Fund0P0000.38,440+0,16%110,97M13:00:00 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds Defensief0P0001.57,160+0,07%109,85M13:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign LT Bond Fund0P0000.1.937,270-0,19%101,73M17/01 
 Sustainable Europe Index Fund0P0000.168,910+0,79%85,74M14/01 
 Kempen Profielfonds 2LP6505.40,610-0,27%85,36M13:00:00 
 Kempen Profielfonds 3LP6505.43,610-0,86%83,75M13:00:00 
 ACTIAM Impact Wereld Aandelenfonds0P0000.51,300+0,12%84,66M13:00:00 
 AEAM Emerging Market Debt Fund EUR Inc0P0000.13,339-0,92%71,19M14/01 
 SNS Optimaal OranjeLP6823.29,010+0,10%80,07M13:00:00 
 Add Value Fund N.V.0P0000.105,230+1,50%77,8M13:00:00 
 SNS Euro Obligatiefonds0P0000.19,170-0,31%79,96M13:00:00 
 Insinger de Beaufort European Mid Cap0P0001.95,100-0,21%74,9M13:00:00 
 Hof Hoorneman Phoenix Fund0P0000.32,530-3,59%70,77M13:00:00 
 Optimix Income Fund0P0000.34,360+0,41%70,73M13:00:00 
 Robeco US Conservative High Dividend Equities N.V.0P0001.50,440-0,30%78,62M14/01 
 Kempen Profielfonds 4LP6505.45,900-0,52%68,92M13:00:00 
 AEAM European Bond Fund Inc0P0000.7,280-0,27%88,22M14/01 
 BNP Paribas Fund III N.V. - BNP Paribas Global Pro0P0000.72,610-0,01%57,11M13:00:00 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds Zeer Defensief0P0001.52,670-0,02%54,55M13:00:00 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur IG W Capitalisation0P0000.73,960-0,11%53,91M17/01 
 NN First Class Return Fund - N0P0000.217,080+0,06%50,36M17/01 
 Meesman Indexfonds Aandelen Opkomende Landen0P0000.99,269+1,76%41,12M14/01 
 SNS Optimaal GeelLP6823.27,9000,00%47,17M13:00:00 
 Meesman Indexfonds Aandelen Europa0P0000.102,586-1,09%38,1M14/01 
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