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Centrale Bank van de Comoren (BCC)

The Central Bank of the Comoros is the central bank of the Comoros, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. The statutes of the BCC state that its Board of Directors...

0%  Comoren
Centrale Bank van de Congo

The Central Bank of the Congo is the central bank of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The bank's main offices are on Boulevard Colonel Tshatshi in La Gombe in...

14,00%  Congo-Brazzaville
Centrale Bank van Costa Rica

The Central Bank of Costa Rica is in charge of establishing banking policy. It is then up to the SUGEF (the General Supervisory Agency of Finance) to enforce compliance...

0%  Costa Rica
Centrale Bank van Cuba (BCC)

The creation of Banco Central de Cuba (BCC), as disposed by the Council of State by means of Decree-Law No. 172, of May 28, 1997, provided the country with an...

0%  Cuba
Centrale Bank van Cyprus

The Central Bank of Cyprus was established in 1963, shortly after Cyprus gained its independence, as an autonomous institution in accordance with the Central Bank of...

0,0%  Cyprus
Danmarks Nationalbank

Danmarks Nationalbank is the central bank of Denmark. It is a non-eurozone member of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). The bank issues the Danish currency, the...

0,05%  Denemarken
Centrale Bank van Djibouti

The Central Bank of Djibouti is the central bank of Djibouti. The bank is responsible for managing the currency of Djibouti, the country's foreign exchange position, the...

0%  Djibouti
Centrale Bank van Dominicaanse Republiek

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic was created on October 9th, 1947. It commenced operations on October 23rd of the same year, serving as a decentralized and...

3,0%  Dominicaanse Republiek
Federale Bank van Duitsland

De Deutsche Bundesbank is de centrale bank van de Federale Republiek Duitsland en maakt als zodanig onderdeel uit van het Europees Stelsel van centrale banken (ESCB)....

0,0%  Duitsland
Centrale Bank van Ecuador (BCE)

The Central Bank of Ecuador, founded as a private bank in 1927, was declared an organ of the state in 1948 by the Monetary Board. The Central Bank issues and stabilizes...

0%  Ecuador
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