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ACM Online Trading

 Contact Informatie
Website: www.ac-markets.com/
Telefoon: +41 58 226 20 00
Fax: +41 58 226 22 01
Adres Bedrijf:
50, rue du Rhône
Advanced Trader

Trade currencies online with a professional trading software. Cutting-edge trading technology. Designed with the professional trader in mind. Very user-friendly and easy to use. Quick download (Java based). Provides extra stability. 24hrs tick-by-tick tradable price feed. Unmatched execution speed. No re-quotes nor re-confirmations necessary. Click once for market orders and you're done! Place complex orders including contingency orders. Trade currency and precious metals. Real time margin and position monitoring. All your trading history at your fingertips. Print out any reports you need anytime. Advanced analysis tools. Real time charts & news. Complete economic calendar.

Software Informatie
Kosten Per Maand:   no commission or fee
maandelijkse vergoeding:   Nee
Gratis Trial:   Ja
Software Type:   Desktop
E-mail Meldingen:   Nee
Mobiele Meldingen:   Nee

Trading Platform Informatie
Handelstype:   Day Trading
Trading op basis van grafieken:   Ja
Geintegreerd Nieuws:   Ja
Geintegreerde Grafieken:   Ja
Live Ondersteuning Opgenomen:   Ja
Indicatoren en Studies:   Ja
Mogelijkheid om eigen indicators te creëren:   Nee
Mogelijkheid om eigen systemen te creëren:   Ja
DDE Vermogens:   Ja
Stop Order:   Ja
Marktprijsorder:   Ja
Trailing Stop Order:   Ja
OCO Orders:   Ja
Orderlimiet:   Ja